Turn Dreams into reality

professionalizing your brand from a to z

Most companies focus on their core business and operations but forget what the effect is of professional branding, automated processes and innovating plans. That’s where THE MG AGENCY steps in! While you as company can still focus on running your business, THE MG AGENCY will step inside the company’s processes and structure to work together on a plan for optimal improvement where needed. We don’t only come up with amazing ideas and plans, but we also build and implement these plans according to your organisations needs. Got a new idea? Well, we set it up for you from a to z!


We build, create and design exclusive unique brands. It’s not just a logo or some colors, it’s the way how customers perceive you as a company and build loyalty towards it. Establishing the right brand is the foundation of your organization. And we build some cool buildings on those foundations!


Being stuck in the daily hassle of operations, it’s hard to see where improvements can be made on processes or automations. Saving time is saving money, assets and precious work hours. Optimizing and innovating your company gives you the room for growth and expansion.


Having great ideas is one thing, but implementing these and develop a practical and sustainable basis to operate on is something different. We focus on practicality and effectiveness, just like how we are ourselves. Websites, automated web shops, or improving internal reporting, let’s create something.

Our recent projects

Having running projects world-wide, we still work very closely with our clients. Different companies have joined the MG AGENCY family for business professionalization, improvement or development all agreeing one of thing: We create some very stunning stuff!

The most unique NFT Art collection

ZIZI NFT Art collection

Professionalization, Branding, Design, Webdevelopment

A one of a kind project THE MG AGENCY started up in cooperation with a partner! ZIZI Art collection on the NFT blockchain. A unique roadmap and plan for a lifetime!

Your Equestrian Photographer


Professionalization, Optimization, Branding, Design, Webdevelopment

We are proud to have Equigeniek as partners. We provided the brand with a new fresh and more professional look and feeling and help in their digital environment.

Saving money by making your company green

Greenlabels BV

Professionalization, Branding, Design, Webdevelopment

GreenLabels BV requested a one-page website to bring their message and brand across in the right way. We provided the company with an awesome branded custom made website!

our masterpieces

Team work makes the dream work. Working together making your dreams come true. We have created many brands over the years and did some great projects for branding and design.  

What clients say



Working with Mark has always been a pleasure. He turned our company upside down and made something really professional out of it. We needed a lot of automatisation and profesionalization on the digital field which he advised us in and also implements this the right way. He is a hands on guy who knows what he is talking about. 



I’m very happy I got in contact with Mark. He supports, advise and helps me with many different areas regarding my different websites. Hoe does not only helps, but also takes the time to explains what he is doing so that I’m able to also work on my websites myself and learn new things. He thinks ahead and is really involved in the process.



Mark has the great ability to truly turn my vision and ideas into something realistic and practical. when he delivers, he delivers extraordinary quality at great speed which is essential in some situations. Having a great network, he knows how he can get the job done in almost every situation. The work he has done on Bit-Join is amazing and he pushed the brand to another level.

let's make the next step

Let’s just discuss what your next step will be! We’re sure we can build something awesome together. We are ready for a proper brainstorm session!